We love our bikes!

The main reason is that I think these bikes work SO well for kids.  They are lightweight, and have multiple speeds, because of this the kids are able to ride much farther and on more difficult terrain than if they had the standard 'huge mountain bike'.

If you go to any store, the only thing they have for kids are really, really heavy steel bikes.  These bikes are a wonderful alternative.

Also, because they fold up, we can neatly store them INSIDE the camper and not have to worry about them being rained on, or stolen.

On our first trip in 2014, we visited the Smokey Mountains with expensive Trek bikes locked to a bike rack behind our rig.  While we were there, it rained most of the time, so guess what?  We didn't ride one single mile.

So, instead of hauling bikes around on a rack, I wanted to have a group of bikes that would have a home inside our camper, so if we could ride, then we would.  If we couldn't, then I wouldn't feel bad at all.

So, I'm definitely a believer in folding bikes!

You'll find the information below.  At the time of writing, the Dash model was sold out, so you can find other Solorock models on their website.

Check Amazon and their website for the best deal.  Sometimes ordering from their site directly will save you money, other times Amazon might have a better deal. (look at shipping costs, etc).

If you have any questions, drop them in the video @ YouTube and I'll do my best to answer them there.


Bike Information:

Solorock Swift Aluminum:

This bike works great for the kids, and would be pretty good bike for adults.

The reason I like this one for kids is that it's aluminum and cheaper.  The reason it's OK for adults is the tires can go to 35 PSI pressure, so when an adult is on the bike, the tires can have some flex in them and make ride a little tougher.

Overall, these are great bikes.  The build quality is strong on ALL Solorocks!

SoloRock 16" 7 Speed Aluminum Folding Bike - Swift Model (Pearl Orange)

Solorock Dash Aluminum:


I really like this bike.  We have 3 of these, one for myself, Tina and Jenna (our oldest).  

The components are great, and like the Swifts, the build quality is excellent.

The tires can hold 65PSI of pressure, so when you fill them all the way up, these bikes just roll really, really well.

I have a bike trailer hitch attached to my back wheel, and Tina has the Trail Gator hitch attached to her seat post.  (see below).

Currently SOLD OUT.  You can check their website for more info

Solorock Pace 3.0 Aluminum:


I ordered this bike last year when Nathan got old enough to ride a bike.  These bikes are FANTASTIC.

In all honesty, if I would have ordered this bike first, I probably would have bought 4 of them for all the kids.  They are super small, and are built really well.

As mentioned in the video, I did some modifications to this bike so Nathan could fit on it well.  If you have a child that is 4-8 years old, then the modifications would make this bike perfect for them.

When this bike arrived, I rode it around and really liked it as an adult too :)


1.) I replaced the original crank with the crank listed below.  I ordered it from Amazon and I believe it was under $20 for the crank.

2.) I had a bike shop install the crank and remove a couple links from the chain.  I kept the chain pieces and crank so when he got older he could put the bike back the way it came.

3.) I had to trim some of the seat post down.


SoloRock Pace 3.0 14" 3 Speed Aluminum Folding Bike - Super Compact (Carmine (Matt Red))

Cyclists' Choice Ss6626 40T X 152Mm 3/32" Single Crank W/Dbbl Guard

Bike Trailer

This trailer is pretty inexpensive and works well.  We like it because it folds down nice and small.

It comes with everything needed to hook up to the rear axle of the bike.

InStep Take 2 Double Child Carrier Bicycle Trailer, 2-Passenger, Red

Trail Gator Tag-along Bar

This was exactly what I was looking for.  This allows you to hook up a bike to yours as a tag-along.  This works really well, but if the child hasn't mastered riding yet, they may lean to the side a little.  It still works if the child leans, and eventually they will center themselves, but just know there is a slight side-side play when hooked to the parents bike.  

We rode a bunch of miles with this and it REALLY helps the little ones be able to go longer distances.  We did the ride from Grand Canyon visitor center all the way to the Hermits Rest with Nathan in tow!

Trail-Gator Children's Trailer Tow Bar (Blue)


Mini USB Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight, Bicycle Front Light Headlamp,Cree Q5 LED Super Bright,Zoomable,Portable for Riding Camping Hiking Caving Indoor Outdoor (USB Flashlight+Bike Taillight+Mount)

Bike Clamp Bike Bracket Bicycle Clamp Mount Holder for GoPro Hero Bluetooth Speakers Action Cameras with Tripod Bracket for Gopro


Glad to have you with us!


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