Scalable lithium Battery

Our writeup on how to build a scaleable 24v Lithium Battery for your solar system!

Parts List

1.) LifePO4 Cells from

Ali Express Link Click Here

2.) OverKill 24v 100amp BMS

OverKill 24v BMS Link Here

Amazon Parts:

2 AWG Wire

2 AWG Lugs

Hammer Lug Crimper for Battery Cable Ends

150 Amp Fuse

Battery Bus Bar

(to connect multiple batteries together)

Battery Switch

Power Supply

Used to top balance batteries.

Growatt Inverter Charger All-In-One

Used to top balance batteries.

The parts and tools listed here are available at the time of this blog post. 

These are the tools I used to build the batteries and they work great.

How To Instructions

General How To Instructions

This is the instructions that come with the Overkill Solar BMS.  It has the general wiring diagram as well as how to wire the BMS.  

Overkill Solar Instructions PDF Link

How to top balance your lithium battery.

I didn't do this and my battery ran about 30 amp hours short, so I would recommend doing this before you build the battery.

Overkill Solar Battery Balance Writeup Link


Glad to have you with us!


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