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Shells on Sanibel

Join us as we visit Sanibel Island. We're finding shells and learning lots (or so we think :)

Exploring the Florida Keys

We say goodbye to the rest of the family and settle in for a few more days in the Florida Keys.

Fruit Stand = Robert is Here! That place was awesome!
Shelling Location, just south of the 7 mile bridge on the Atlantic side.

Snorkeling in the Keys

What better way to ring in the new year than to go snorkeling near Marathon in the Florida Keys! It was fun for those who didn't get sea-sick!

Family, Friends and the Florida Keys

Our trip started with family and friends in the Florida Keys! Come take a peek into the first leg of our trip!

The Adventure Begins - Put away the Jackets

It's FINALLY here - our 3 month adventure begins! We're excited to go from -12F in Wisconsin to a comfortable 83F the Florida Keys, but first we have to get there!

About Us..

We're a part-time traveling family that loves to explore and try new things.  Join us!

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